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I'm a musician turned chef, on a journey to opening the pasta restaurant of my dreams. By using pop-up restaurants as stepping stones, I'm able to test new dishes, hone my craft, deliver hospitality, and build community through delicious, eye-opening, memorable culinary experiences. What began as a hobby, deeply rooted in my passion for high-quality food and high-quality hospitality, quickly escalated into what has become my life's work--holding space to bring people together.


Anybody that has known me for a long time understands this quite well. No matter what I was doing: the massive birthday parties I held as a child, the music studio I built in Costa Rica, the high school and college orchestras I started, the competitive smash bros tournaments I ran--it was always about the people. 

It's somewhat poetic that, of all of the above mentioned and the unmentioned endeavors I've pursued, that it took me full circle back to my first conscious life dream--starting a restaurant. Pasta, being the undeniable favorite food at every waking moment in my life, became the culinary focal point of my future restaurant and my brand.  

For sake of a more chronological bio, I'm from the gracefully low-key state of Maryland (DMV area), I was homeschooled in my early years before spending the majority of highschool in Guanacaste, Costa Rica before moving to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music.

In those formative years I was involved in theatre, sports, music, food (to a degree), camping, the great outdoors, competitive video games, gymnastics among other activities.


It took nearly 25 years to settle on the culinary arts, and I must say--it was well worth the wait.

Pop-up restaurants are tasty, versatile, intimate and socially riveting.