charles isadore presents his fourth series:

noodles & notes

south boston - fall 2021

a reservation-only pop-up restaurant series featuring live music or karaoke at each event

next pop-up: Nov. 1-2 @ 630pm
rezzies open Oct. 25 @7pm


so what exactly is a pop-up restaurant?

simply put, it's just a restaurant-esque experience that doesn't necessarily occur in a brick and mortar "restaurant". pop-ups can happen in any place they are allowed (and can fit) usually for an exclusive time with an exclusive menu. chefs often times use pop-up restaurant experiences to test recipes, concepts, without the burden of overhead costs of opening a restaurant


why pop-ups?

personally, i use my pop-up restaurant experiences as stepping stones for me to hone my craft, test new recipes, sharpen my execution, practice my hospitality, and share my love for bringing people together and building community through something we all love--food. at a certain point, it truly becomes less about the pasta itself and more about the connections we make and the memories and laughter we get to share.

these stepping stones lead down the road to the grand opening of my first restaurant, of which i plan to open in the year 2025 


how do i reserve?

text or call your favorite people (perhaps roommates, a partner, family, favorite co-worker, anybody you are glad exists) and let them know you've stumbled across an intimate pop-up restaurant experience and you're excited to bring them.


at the top of this page, you'll see when reservations for the next pop-up go live and you can prepare by having the full names, time availability and allergies of each party member (up to 8 people including yourself). after you fill out the reservation form, if you got a spot, you'll be contacted via email with the address of the pop-up disclosed and a confirmation of your reservation time. you'll be prompted to send a reservation fee to secure your spot and then from there, you just have to fill in your party with the exciting news and arrive promptly to your reservation when the time comes.